injectors and upper and lower intake


New Member
Jan 16, 2007
i was wondering what ppl thought of there 24lb injectors if they made that much of a difference and also was wondering if anyone has used a profeshional products upper and lower intake and how much of a difference they noticed with that also im haveing a hard time picking a camshaft can any of u guys help i am having heads done and ported so lift and all is no big deal
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I hate it when people open up with this, but do a search on Professional Products. They make okay power b/c it's just a rip-off of an Edelbrock intake, but they are horrible quality. They castings are bad and so is the machining. Basically save a little more and get an Edelbrock intake.

24# injectors will only make power if the rest of your combination needs them. I'm running 19#ers on the combnation in my sig and they've done fine so far. To answer your question: by themselves, they don't make a difference.

I've got a Lunati #15014 and it idles decently, and has a decent midrange power curve. It works well for a street driven 302.