Engine Injectors


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Apr 22, 2024
Need some advice. Currently installing a new engine in my car . I am running a mild cam / p-1sc pro charger . The car originally had lime green injectors in it when I purchased , I’m guessing 42lb .

My question is . Should I run 42lb on this set up ? What options do I have without going crazy and changing the entire fuel system ?
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42's should be enough for 525 fwhp with a supercharger at 85% injector duty. You will need a minimum of a 255 lph pump and I will say at this point the stock fuel pump hanger, fuel lines, and fuel rails are just about maxed out.

This topic will generate several opinions as there are several knowledgeable guys on here so hold on to your hat. One thing you need to do is give more detail on the engine build and what amount of boost you are looking to run. If you have not thought that through then you need to at least know what flywheel horsepower you are wanting to achieve.
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