Installing a 97 Cobra Motor into a 88 coupe


New Member
May 6, 2005

have any of you put a 97 cobra motor and t-45 into a fox before? What things will i need besides the obviuos. IE motor mounts, headers,oil pan. If you have done this i could really use a bit of help.If any of you know P/N's on the parts listed above I could use it. I am having problems locating info on this.

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get the whole car!! you can use the dash and seats out of them. i'm pretty sure you will need the steering column. go ahead and get the rearend and spindles for a 5 lug 4 wheel disk conversion. you will need the computer and wireing harness. you can make everything work. a friend of mine just did it with an 03 cobra motor. you will probably need an aftermarket k member. i was going to do 98 cobra motor in mine but the donor got sold out from under me. for more info talk to greymare on modular depot's forum. You can see his car in the new issue of 5.0 and superford. you will save a lot of money if you get the whole car.
For starters you need the K member, i think AJE makes the proper K member.
Also the hydroboost MC may not work with the stock pedal setup in your car (from what i hear something needs to be modified), i've seen guys switch to manual brakes for clearance reasons
I just received the info fro AJE on a k-member. I have been all over the modularfox site. Thanks, you have been a great help.Time to bust some nuckles...what about the headers?? I have not seen anyone say anything about those or the oil pan. Will the stock one's work??
I am in the middle of doing the swap myself!! Using the stock headers just doesnt make much sense to me.. With that big 4.6 i would rather just throw some long tubes on it when installing the stuff first time and with that Kmember for the clearence. The oil pan from what i have been told will work if you get the tubular kmember. It is so much easier said than done! I am back and forth about using a sn95 dash or not. I want the new look but really want the car to look as sleeperish as possible:D keep us updated on how you go about it!! I got a deal on a motor so i am piecing a car together.. wish i just bought a whole car!! woulda cost the same neway!! haha