Installing factory cruise on a non-cruise car


Aug 7, 2018
I have a 95 GTS that is obviously pretty spartan by design. Back in 97 or 98 the airbags were stolen. The original owner got two new ones from junkyard, but while he was at it, he took the leather wrapped GT steering wheel from donor car and installed it to replace the stock v6 viynl/plastic wheel. But he never hooked up the airbags, and never installed the controls, so there are two openings where the cruise controls should normally be. And this is how I purchased the car.

Now, I'm looking at some long distance road trips this summer, and cruise would be nice to have on the highway. I'm just curious how difficult it would be to add factory cruise on it. Typically, not always, but typically Ford would use one wiring harness for all models, so I'm hoping that remains true and the plugs are where they should be if I tried installing the rest of the hardware

So far, this is what I gather would be the parts I'd need

Factory controls, same from 94-04

The 94/95 cars had a split design, so I'd need the electric actuator + vacuum reservoir and linkage cable

The module, brain would have to be installed. Presumably it goes under the dash somewhere?

And last but not least, which side of the car does it install on? I thought I read Drivers side. But about a year or so ago I was under the Passenger side and noticed a misc plug that seemed to go nowhere. Wasn't sure what it would normally go to, cruise or abs??? I've yet to have a looksee under the Drivers side fender liner so I don't know what's up there yet, if anything

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Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
I just got done doing this on a foxbody. It’s fairly similar to the early SN95 and was a bolt in affair. I would imagine 94-95 would be almost identical

here’s my info on the 86-93 cars. In terms of how those were setup, the servo was in the drivers side fender. The wiring passed into the pass compartment where it plugged into the cruise module. Under the dash was a single body plug that plugged into the module.

I needed to add the vacuum dump and clutch cancel switches to the pedals. I’m fairly sure SN95s used these as well, so you’ll need to source them.

have a read but keep in mind some minor variations due to fox vs SN95