Installing P1-SC, planned fuel options


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Feb 6, 2006
Hey guys, i have a Procharger on the way for my car and my mods are as follows:

Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Heads Ported and Polished
24# Injectors
Comp 284HR Cam
Stock Fuel Pump
Edelbrock Performer Intake (Prob switch to BBK Soon)
Trick Flow 1.6RR's
Trick Flow Hardened Pushrods
Procharger @ 8-10psi
My Plan for the fuels system is as follows:

FMU (I know these arent recommended but a tuner isnt real close)
30# Fuel injectors w/ calib. Pro-M Mass air
255LPH Fuel Pump

Boost Sensitive FPR
30# Injectors w/calib. MAF
255 In-Tank Pump

36# Injectors w/cal. MAF
255 Pump

Same as 2 but with 36# injectors

Mind you this car is not going to see the track a lot, more or less a street car that will be driven on nice days and to cruise nights/Shows. Just looking for something that wont give me much of a headache and so that the car will run smooth. Thanks for any input, and if there is anything that you would change i would love to hear it!

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Well, I have just completed the blower install and as for fuel you will get mixed reviews on what to run. I have the p1sc non intercooled with pully for 8 psi. I have whats in my sig with a 255 in tank. It pegged the c+l meter at 5000 rpms and was running lean to boot. I have to fix a few items and the tuner will reflash the Diablo chip when its done. I went with 42lb injectors with no FMU. It runs strong but I can only take it up to 4800rpms. Its a good combo you have started with. You will be happy.