Intake help!


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Sep 25, 2002
Ravena, NY
Does anyone know the specs on this intake. Mainly, were does it make power? Is 10lbs of boost enough to run this intake (being I'm sure it is for boosted or big cubed motors)? Is it too big for my setup? I have searched the web with little results.
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there are versions like that available for chevy's---guys swap out the tpi for them and they seem to make a decent amount of low end torque for the design.

if you are wanting a box intake setup i have a downs upper/gt40 lower layin around lol
i wouldn't see why it wouldn't work with your setup. guy running power adders have been using box uppers for some time now. especially turbo guys
just somethings i've notice:
a. i haven't seen anyone use that intake in particular
b. IMO that lower seems a little taller than our typical lower intakes either stock or aftermarket. could be just the picture, but some thing to get answers to will your current piping bolt up with out moddification? i know you don't have a stock hood but if you did would it fit under one?

your best bet to get more info would be to call cartech direct.