intial startup rough idle and stall with eec clip in

so i have a 92 lx, 306 lots of mods.

when i run my initial start up with the gray clip unplugged its completely fine @ 12* adv timing, then when i plug in clip and start again it goes crazy, idles rough and stalls. voltage also jumps up and down with the poopy idle but doesnt when the clip is out. WTF!! it eventually drains my battery completely but only when i have the clip in.

i know it lets the comp control the timing during acceleration but why is it making my motor wig out at idle. feels and smells like its running super rich. could it be O2 sensors? or tps? my idle set screw is

Any Thoughts Would Be AWESOME

oh yeah here is a list of mods that could be affecting this:
#24 inj
matching maf
255lph wagner fuel pump
gt40 heads
e303 cam
cobra intake upper and lower
bbk cai
msd cap/rotor/wires
bbk equal shorty's
flex-a-lite fan
underdrive waterpump and crankshaft pullies
and more, but i also have a stock alternator and O2 sensors
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