Is belt dust normal with an RR pulley?


New Member
Jun 9, 2003
Just installed a 3.3" RR pulley about 2 weeks ago and I am experiencing a lot of belt dust. My stock 3.5" never left any belt dust :shrug: My replacement belt aslo was a bit longer even though it was the same part number. :mad: So there is a significant difference in slack. Would a shorter belt help? Likewise, it took me about an hour to get the new belt on while struggling with the damn tensioner.
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A small amount of dust is normal. If you're getting a lot, though, you could have a tensioning issue. Check the belt tension, and if it's not very taut or the tensioner hasa whole lot of movement in it, try a belt 1/2" shorter.
You have already stated the belt you put on was longer. It is probably too long and slipping. Put a shorter belt on there and you will eliminate the dust.