is it hard to install a new headliner?


I need NOS....make it 2 of the big ones
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Jul 26, 2000
Kingston, PA, USA
My headliner is shot! i am holding some of it up with tape for the time being until i can get it fixed. i saw a headliner kit in 5.0resto mag and it was something like $45. i would just take it somewhere, but if its gonna be fairly easy, then im doing it myself. I tried to fix mine with spray glue from an auto parts help.
what ya think?
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its not that hard, i put a headliner out of a 89 in my 79 cus all the fabric was ripped off mine the only pita was the visors cus the 89 used a different pattern for bolts and im sure since your buying the correct one it should be no problem so go for it.
p.s be careful getting the headliner through your door.
It is cake, save yourself some money and buy headliner material from Joannes fabric or some place like that. I'm just pissed cause the place near me doesn't have black!! :mad: Use 3m spray glue, the high strength (90 rating), its a green can, at home depot for like 13 bucks. Take your old headliner board, take a coarse brush and brush all the foam and such off of it. Once it is clean, spray adhesive a corner of it and a corner of the headliner material, and start sticking, making sure to not have wrinkles, you don't have to pull it super tight as that would make it un-uniform. Once it is all applied, you can then trim off the extra/light cutouts.
There was a car show recently... I can't remember which but I'm sure someone here saw it... anyways they cut flames out of a piece of foam sized to the headliner. It looked really awesome, just a nice little detail. It looked like a normal headliner with normal color and such but had flames impressioned from underneath. It's something to think about if you're redoing it anyways.