Is LateModelRestoration a sponsor?

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Honestly I dunno,but I live just over an hour away and went there last week fro some stuff,they are great people,meet the owner he's great too,I know they are ranked number 6 in nation as a motorsports dealer,owner said he will beat any local or online prices.Bought a clutch,tri-ax shifter w/free 35th anni knob,steeda cable,pilot bearing,since I was new he gave me the ford racing pilot bearing and sold me the shifter for $159,i think the norm was 169 or 179,dont remember.All my parts that im buying over the next year will be from them as its cheaper than others,and cant beat the $14.95 flat rate shipping.I want the Mach 1 stuff,chin spoiler,grill delete,honycomb rear panel,cdc shaker system,they sell it as a kit with the mach stripe kit also for $1100,I dont care for the stripes but that kit is cheaper than piecing it together.
Where do you live? Im only 50 min from Late Model, I go there all the time. I was just gonna make an order last night and thought we got a dicount if we entered stangnet somewhere but couldnt remember. I even called them a couple hours ago and forgot to ask :nonono: Anyway I am gonna go there on Friday cause they have a 89 Mustang something or other limited in their showroom. Wonder where the 95 Cobra R went that was there last month :scratch:
Have you seen the one guys SSP notch with the 4V Cobra transplant :drool: Even is still painted like a Texas State car :nice: Another guy has a sweet Torch Red Terminator. They are all real cool and know their stuff. I always deal with Scott or Mike :nice:
If you mean the white cobra it was in the showroom with the 89,I didnt see the tx car but I did see the terminator,I did see an 80's model with flared fenders,looked kinda ok but not for me.Im in College Station,but I used to live across from the Midway High School,which is now the middle school in Hewitt,and you.I just learned about them but Im gonna do all my buisiness there now.They are great guys.I mostly dealt with the owner but cant remember his name.
Im in Pursley now but in two weeks I will live in Corsicana :banana: Well Eureka really, right on the lake :nice:
Hewitt huh? It should only take you like 20 min to get to LMR :D It takes me 54 min and I live 56 miles away :shrug: