Brakes Is my caliper piston moving enough?

I mean I wasn’t trying to talk you out of fixing a caliper and going with a full brembo 5-lug swap.

ATS brembos and a rear cobra/Taurus setup is what I’d do, but it’s a big project
Thought I read you rebuilt them, oh well, mount the caliper loosely with pads installed open the bleeder with someone pushing on the peddle, if it has a strong flow of fluid replace the caliper, if not replace the brake hose.
Or just do the 5lug swap.
Alright so I did your test general and it turns out it is the caliper, I have a steady flow of brake fluid when bleeding.

I am seriously considering the ATS brembo and I like the idea of the Taurus rear discs. I already have a 5 lug conversion from the previous owner and I am wondering if that means I have to do all the axle work on the rear?
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I can tell you that the FRPP aluminum driveshaft (397-M-4602-G) for 79-95 Mustang 5.0L with T5, SROD, C4 or AOD transmission and 7.5'' or 8.8'' rear end is 45.5" center to center. By center to center I mean where the U-joints install into the driveshaft.
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