is this an R302 block?


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May 11, 2000
Hanover Park, IL
hey guys i came across a really good price on a brand new R302 block. Hes selling it for 1,150 and its still int he crate as you can see. He sold his mustang and thats why he watns this block gone. he lives 600 miles from me, however hes willing to meet half way,. this block has not been machined.. how can i tell from the pictures that this block is an actuall R302?

also is that a good price for this???

and how much HP can this handle? is it on the lines of a DART motor?
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I forgot to mention 2 other blocks that would be cheeper than the dart and that is the A4 block and a 69 boss 302 block. The r block I beleive is rated at 1500hp I think, its been a while since I looked at the specs, and the A4 is about in that range also.
The R302 took the place of the A4 a few years back.

I would look into a DART block (Sportsman $1800 or Iron Eagle $2200), the R302 will cost you over $1000 in machine work to have it done properly. The Dart blocks come in around $400 for machining on all the ones I have done.

The older Boss blocks are ok into the 900/1000 range from what I have seen although I'd feel better with a DART or FORD Racing block.