Is This The Torque Box Plate?


Mustang Master
Dec 18, 2013
i was scanning Fredmatic's build thread and saw this picture, is the square plate the top of the torque box?

reason i ask, when i pulled my rear seat for the quarter window repair i notice very slight surface rust to outside of the seatbelt attachment area toward the quarter panel/wheel well .... im thinking its from years of rain coming in around the vert top... was going to wire wheel and spray with a rust sealer before i put seat back.... theres no heavy rust acne or anything....crawled under no visible rust or softspots, but need a lift for t-box... anything i can check on torque box without lift??

id snap a photo but its pouring out

any advice on product?
i was thinking rustoleum auto rust sealer... i dont think its heavy enough etc for POR 15...

torque box.jpg
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That plate is the top of part of a popular chassis mod called a "Battle Box" by Wild Rides. It is designed to keep cars on slicks from tearing up the torque box. If you have rust, neutralize it with a rust neutralizer and paint over it.

Thanks Kurt!

any preference on neutralizer?

I'll do that and then check things out next time its on a lift...

glad i saw it before it got too far!
A little surface rust isn't a big deal when you catch it in time. I think I used Purple power rust disolver last time. It worked really well. The best part is it's under your seat so it doesn't matter what color spray paint you use.

cool i was like hmm how close is that rust to my torque box but had no reference point, the battle box top plate clarified that...thanks Kurt.

i researched rust converter chemical properties....

tannic acid and ethylene derivative seems to be the key rust neutralizer compounds, tannic to convert iron oxide to a stable ferric compound and ethylene compound to bind and seal....

other than that basic chemistry i cant see any difference other than preference, marketing and application/carrier additives...

so i guess ill run over to napa and get some napa/permatex extended metal rust treatment...clean it up and apply...