it's alive


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Nov 10, 2002
well i finally got my moms 66 back together this last weekend. it has not been on the road in ten years or so. it was a 6 banger originally so i converted to v8 suspension and components. new 8in. rearend and a 95 roller motor stock with a 600 eld. flowmaster exhaust and t-5 tranny. it was alot of work and money to do the swap but she bought the car new back in 66 so lat means something to us. i still have little things to finish up on but its good to have it out again. hope ya'll like it. it is going to be painted again next to a lighter blue. it has blue interior so we are stuck withblue.
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thaks guys. i will get some more pictures when i get more time. nothing is wrong with blue just want to go a little lighter shade. i have lowering springs on the front i may have just had it jacked up so it wasn't settled yet. if not may have to cut a coil off. it use to have air shocks on the back, oh man what a difference it made getting rid of them. i'll try and get more pictures tomorrow though. thanks again
I've been wondering how those wheels look on a classic. I think im gonna have to copy you, looks great. I'm guessing those are 17x8 all the way around? What size tires, and what'd you ahve to do to get them to fit?
i was looking at the pics, then i saw the 5 county plates. i said hey, fremont...then i looked at your location and wow, i was right. cool that you got your moms car on the road again....i recognized the plate because i live in omaha....