it's been a long long lonely winter, but I'm back

Boss 351

Here sthhhhhhhheeeve take a picthh of my man flowe
Jul 13, 2003
Got my car out yesterday, had to get it out early because my winter beater took a dump and I can't afford another beater right now. So I get to use my stang on nice days and taxi on "not so nice" days. At least everything still works (I had everything apart, ready for the body work). The sucky part is that I still have rust on my floors and I need to take the damn dash off again this summer :nono: It took me about an hour and a half to put the hvac and dash back in, pretty soon I'll be able to do heater core jobs in 2 hours lol... :lol:

All the wires are hidden (vacuums too) the engine bay is really clean now except the fact that I still have all the holes in there. I love Mustangs :flag: feels good to hear that 5.0 again after a long winter of 2.8L chebby
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