Just Got A Free 1994 Mustang V6!

Justin Fetalvero

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Mar 6, 2018
Hey everyone,

I was always into cars but never worked on them. I always had an interest in them but never actually did anything with cars. I work with computers in IT. Totally different from cars. Anyway, I have been in love with the new Mustangs ever since they were released. I was never into Mustangs but as soon as I seen that new 2015 Mustang body I was hooked.

I have been wanting a car that I could teach myself basic automotive repair and maintenance without worrying about breaking my daily driver. So I started looking for a older mustang to get as a project/learning car.

Setup alerts on craigslist and after 2 weeks found someone listed a free 1994 Mustang with a V6 engine. I initially wanted the 5.0 engine but if the car is free, that is even better! Checked out the car and it is in pretty great shape!

I actually checked out 2 mustangs today. One was a 1999 Mustang GT that was a abandoned/previously stolen vehicle and the other is the one I am talking about getting for free. Check out the pictures to see the condition of the 1999 Mustang. He was asking $500 for the 99'. Car didn't start and when it was running would stall out.

The 94' mustang was from an older filipino man who build race cars all his life. He originally bought this car to build for the drag strip, but doesn't have the time and space for the car. He thinks the issue is the fuel pump.

Remember guys. I have never built a car before and have no idea about cars. I just started doing some minor maintenance work on my 4runner myself for the first time. So the entire idea of this project is to learn how to work on cars.

Here's the 1999 Mustang I checked out first:

Here's the 1994 Mustang I choose to go with:

Excited to be apart of this community and looking forward to meeting all of you. Thank you in advance because I will be coming here a lot to ask questions so thanks in advance, for helping!
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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
Mod Dude
Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
Glad to have ya! Now jump over to the 94-5 sn95 tech forums for some help getting that vert running.
BTW, Good choice between the two


I think I've messed my pants
SN Certified Technician
Nov 28, 2015
Welcome to Stangnet.

Can't beat free! Very nice mustang:nice:

Snoop around the '79-'95 subforums, you'll get lots of ideas and help there.

Justin Fetalvero

New Member
Mar 6, 2018
Thanks guys! Glad to hear confirmation of my choice between the 2. The guy actually called me today and said he was able to fix the damaged anti theft module and the car starts now but dies out. I would have preferred the manual and 5.0 motor but rather go with a nicer and cleaner foundation to start with.

Yea you definitely cannot beat free! Now time to figure out how to get it started. Heading to the subforums for some help on getting my new free car started.
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