Just got back from Vegas Baby...!


New Member
Jun 15, 2004
I was out looking at cars on Saturday to buy my girlfriend a new vert.

My friend gave me a call from Vegas and his car broke down...Me and my freind look at each other while we're at the tent sale and say....Guess we're going to Vegas..:D

Did not sleep, shower, etc. and just got back.....I smell like Dirty Vegas Ass right now....

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We're going back this weekend.....The car is still there.. :rlaugh: ...But in a garage now.....Then trying to bring it back to S.D......And get a little more quality Vegas time in. :D
man that sucks! sorry to hear about that. this town is nothing but bad luck! lol i guess thats why they call this place sin city hunh? all in all i hope you had at least some fun
Ohh Yahh....We had a good time....thats why the cars still there...Can't go to Vegas without getting trashed........I don't think I can go again for awhile......Need to recover.
lOl... Its a lively place. When I first moved here I was all like : whoo hhoo party time: but now its just on the weekends... its a great place to visit. And if you are up for getting trashed. well vegas is where you want to be. The street races are not what they used to be though :nonono: damn cops! :nonono: