Keep or Sell

I've had my 96 v6 since last October and when I bought it the odometer was broke at 186000, assumming that thats about the same as what it actually was when I bought it, it probably has about 200,000 on it now. I do plan on buying a foxbody either this summer or next tax season(depending on if i get a second job), so I'm not concerned on needin transportation yet. What I was wondering however though is should I keep the 96 as my second I plan to put a new motor in the foxbody or should I sell it for parts or just sell it in general, and get myself another 2nd car.
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as long as it is maintained, it should last a good long while...I know a few guys with well over 200k on their 3.8s, and one with over 500k on his original unopened engine.
Well the car was pretty abused wen I bought it so idk how much i can really do for it. It had like 1 year old oil in it, it was the worst oil i've ever seen so black and stink and THICK. It also had a bad thermostat which caused it to run really high in temp. thank God for the fan, and i took the bad thermostat out for a week before replacing it so it was running on really low temp. Basically this car's been thru alot and im sure it will last another year, but I plan on going on a few road trips this summer and idk how well this car is gonna last on these crappy South Carolina roads.
well just exactly what condition is the body in??? im sure you can make a couple bucks off the body parts, interior, some engine parts etc...well before you go on a roud trip, make sure everythign on the car is in decent shape and it wont over heat on'll be surprised how much money you can make of just parts for a mustang..some of those parts can go on GT's..same body style only difference is the engine