Keyless entry???


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Mar 27, 2010
I have a 1994 GT that came loaded when it was new. It came with leather, the upgraded sound system and the larger 17in wheels (which are no longer on the car). I got my car last year with no keyless entry fobs. I got a fob and got the directions how to program it, but I have a problem. I can't find in the trunk where I am supposed program it. I am thinking, did my car not come with keyless entry? Was it a standard option? If not, I would think that it was ordered on a loaded GT convertible. What do you think? Anyone have a good picture of where in the trunk I should look?
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I'm sure the keyless option is there. The module is located behind the drivers side trunk panel close to the fuel cutoff switch. A search should pull up pictures as this has been discussed many times.
Well, I just went and looked, and I cannot find anything that indicates that keyless entry was standard on the '94-'95 GT. I thought it was, but after some research, I have personally changed my mind. I now believe that it was included in one option package that also got you the Mach 460 sound. But, it was possible to order the Mach sound system independently from that package that included the keyless entry, so it could be that you do not have it.

That being said, if you do in fact have it, the quoted stuff below tells pretty clearly how to program the remote...

Copied from the web -

"The keyless entry module in the car is located inside the trunk, behind the driver taillight, recessed in the quarter panel. You will have to remove the felt panels inside the trunk to gain access to it. It will be a little black box, probably about 5" square attached to a black rack thing that holds it in place. There will be several wiring harnesses running into it, but the one to take notice of is a wiring harness with only two (2) wires. It should be on the outside of the mounting piece. Turn the car to key on, engine off (KOEO) then using a screwdriver or a jumper wire, connect the two wires in the connector, temporarily. When you do so, the locks in the car will cycle to signal that it is in programming mode. Now, press any button on the remote (like lock or unlock) and I believe the locks will cycle again, do this for every remote you want programmed for the car (max. of 4 remotes) when you are finished, turn the key off and the locks should cycle one last time to signal the end of programming mode."
It looks like my car never had keyless entry. No box in the trunk, and interior lights don't come on by lifting the handle. No big deal, my car is a second car mostly driven on nice days with the top down. Thanks to all for the advice anyway.