killed the drone, lost the flows


Founding Member
Nov 25, 2001
birmingham al
ive had way too many different exhaust setups on my car, i couldnt take the drone anymore at 70mph with 3.73s and had a set of magnaflows welded in. Lost the flowmaster prochamber sound, but i can stand to drive on the freeway now. I noticed the car revs quicker as well.
1. 2 chamber flows stock h nice sound too quiet
2. 1 chamber flows stock h great sound should have left it alone
3. catted x 1 chamber flows, loud as hell, not good sounding,
4. catted x spintech prostreets, sounded ok, loud
5. mac prochamber spintech prostreets, nasty, gurgly, mean sound:nice: too much drone on the interstate
6. mac prochamber 2 chamber flows, ,deep, sexy as hell, too much drone
7. mac prochamber magnaflow, deep, somewhat subdued, good for a dd.

if i had the money i spent on exhaust, id damn near have a blower
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