Engine Kinked overflow tank hose.


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Jun 14, 2007
Hey guys,

I have an aftermarket setup. It appears the previous owners routed this hose underneath the electric fan. And it has a kink right at the overflow tank where the hose connects.

I'll be rerouting the hose in front of the radiator and bringing it straight down to the overflow tank.

My question is this:

Can a kinked overflow tank hose create leaks elsewhere? Since I bought the car in 2019, I had intermittent coolant leaks at the timing chain cover and water pump. I rarely see any coolant in the overflow tank increase as the car gets to operating temperature.

I just recently replaced the timing cover gasket and water pump. Now I have a very slight coolant leak at the bottom of water pump gasket area. Not enough to even drip on the ground.

I made sure those two backplate bolts where snug with loc-tite.



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no, the overflow tank is mainly used right after engine is turned off, system gets hottest then and freq. vents fluid into tank, then when it cools sucks it back in
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Unlikely. Overflow pressure should expand the hose. When cooled off, the suction might keep the hose kink sealed and cause low coolant levels in the radiator etc.
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