Last owner was an hard and how to fix?


Jun 9, 2003
So the last owner of my stang decided to torque down 2 of the lugnuts one one of the tires until it stripped the lug nut and bolt.

So what do i need to fix it? Can i nab some parts from the junkyard from a 4 cylinder?

How do i go about fixing it?

Anyone else have to find pervious owners mistakes to fix?

This guy wasn't a welder.....weld bead on the exhaust on it is atleast half an inch thick all around at the joints.

so why did i buy a used mustang again? so i could fix the dumb stuff they screwed up?

bah just getting tired of finding more and more stupid stuff gone wrong

of so help me fix this if you can
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or u could rethread the old one... I had a warped nut, and it screwed up the threads on one of my bolts. but a nice guy at Speedy rethreaded it and gave me a new lug-nut for free when my dad took it in cuz the brakes fell apart. lol
I had some problems with both of my stangs. on my 69 the front end was from three different cars, rear was from a pinto, he drove around w/ no air cleaner ( :nice: ). my 87 supposidly had a 4cyl 5speed, drilled for the hood pins to close in twords the radiator so hood prop rod doesnt fit.(cervini 1.5" cowl, and im sure there is other stuff i just havent found yet. So my next stang will be from an original or second owner, and bone stock. then hopefully i will have less problems.

:bang: blasted previous owners :mad:
Front or back? If you mean the back, yeah the axleshafts from a four banger are the same as a v8's. On the front the rotors are different depending on the year. You could just get a new rotor from a parts house...