Launch rpm and shift points

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If you're running whats in your sig, then shift no later then 52-5300 RPMs, there's no point in revving it higher. When I launch, I bring the tach up to the peak of the torque curve then slip the clutch out. Since I'm not running many more mods then you are then we should be about stock anyways, around 3200 RPMs. If you're running streets then do just enough burnout to clear the crap off them, don't roast them. Street tires are made to grip under normal temperatures, heating them up doesn't help them. DON'T go through the water box on street tires, you'll just end up hurting your traction and spraying water everywhere during your run which pisses of the techs because they gotta make sure your car didn't spray some kind of coolant/lubricant everywhere.

If you head over to the racers tech section and peruse those boards there is ton of info.

have fun!
does the same thing go for my 95 cobra....i usually shift near redline, i still havent figured out how to launch. i just came from driving a civic. i usually rev up to 2k and even there it just spins the tires and i hafta let off then get on it when it gains traction.