Lets play NAME THAT PART!!


it sucks (I know) to be on the receiving end
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Nov 11, 2003
Northern KY
Ok, pick a number, name the part, tell me what it's for and if i can rip it out. Also, what should i do with it/should i cap off vaccum lines or what?


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BTW, i know what #2 is, just not where the hell they go and how to get them out. 1,3,4 seem to have something to do with vaccums and emissions? 4 is mainly just all those plugs over there...can i scrap'em? 5, the things on the back of the intake...i'm clueless. I know zilch about emissions except that i'm not passin them any time soon.
MustangPunk302 said:
I dunno, RIP IT ALL OUT!!...



I was so excited to see a reply....i'm sitting here bored off my ass with grime already on my hands just WAITING to go rip that crap out! I just pulled the little black canister thing from the A/C out.
Pull it all out all you need is the line from the brake booster and the line that goes to your dizzy. Go nuts......rip, tear pull yank...pull the air pump if you have not.....added weight. If you want to remove the charcal canistor the gas line on it .....cut it at the back and stick it in your gas filler.
LX90Stang said:
Don't mean to steal the thread, but since I'm pulling the smog crap on mine right now...

Does anyone know what size plugs to use to put into the heads where the smog crossover tube was?

Thanks :flag:

i think frpp makes a kit to block them off, but most people just cut the part that attaches to of the head off and flip it around and bolt it back down. thats what i did anyways
jwcma said:
#2 looks like the the heater core tubes.
i agree about #2, I think that #5 is the EGR valve, i tried to remove mine but its connected to a 1/2 inch spacer one the intake manifold... then the throttle linkage didn't line up correctly, when i get my new intake manifold i'll worry about it. for now all the emmissions crap is disconnected.
I was going to comment on 2 being a/c lines into the firewall as well, just chop them off at the firewall and plug the holes. Unless of course you WANT to take apart the dash to get the rest of that system out heh.

Unless of course your car didnt have a/c, then Id assume it to be heater core lines, but Ive yet to see heater core lines with threads like that.