Lets talk cams... Custom, Off the shelf, I want to know.


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Oct 27, 2003
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As soon as I figure out why my car is being retarded I plan on buying VibrantRedGt's Trickflow heads and gettign a cam. Problem is: I dont know anything about cams. I originally planned on getting a custom one but everyone said that is going to be hard because Vib's heads were ported with new springs and stuff and he doesnt know the flow numbers or anything. Is that true or what? Who do I contact for a custom grind? My freind has a 95 cobra with h/c/supercharger and hes gona be swapping on of the Anderson B cams (i think it was Anderson). Are those any good? Whats best for me ? What does lift and all those numbers mean for like blower cars and stuff(ie what do i need to look for). Thanks
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Jan 25, 2003
Beverly, Massachusetts
Ed Curtis from flowtech induction, Buddy Rawls, Jay Allen... The list goes on...

For your questions. A custom cam is always going to be "best" for you. Do you know what kind of portwork is done to the heads or who did it? It really is ok that some portwork is to the heads.

Might want to look at hardcore50.com just to get in contact with one of the many people who does camshafts.


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Sep 28, 2003
Indianapolis, IN
You should be able to get the flow numbers from them...they usually have programs setup so they know what they will flow. Might not be exact numbers but i would imagine it would be close enough.

Either way, im sure you could get all checked out(flow numbers and springs) to see what they can handle.

The good thing about custom cams is that you get what you ask for...you usually dont have to sacrifice much and you get the customer service of a professional.


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Jan 14, 2001
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At your level it doesn't matter what cam you pick. Its still gonan make more than enough power to potentially crack that block like an old piece of cement :D

An afm blower cam will work just fine. To really get a custom cam, you'd need all the head specs. If you don't know the valve spring specs, i'd upgrade to better ones. I like getting the springs from the person doing the cam. I did this twice with ed curtis. I still have my first set of FTI springs. I'd sell them cheap. Thier for TW heads.