lightning mass air question


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Jan 13, 2002
Buffalo, NY
Anyone here know anything about a 2001 lightning mass air? There is a local guy selling a brand new one for $100. Just looking to see if they are blow-through or draw-through and what injectors they are calibrated for. Also, would it even work on my 95 gt? Thanks
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Don 95Vert

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Oct 1, 1999
Delaware, OH
boostaddict5_0 said:
The lightning MAF is setup up for 42lb injectors, and using the MAF as a Blow-through. Your going to need an adapter for your SN95 and probably a chip. Here ya go

MMPI Lightning Mass Air Flow Meter Adapter

Lightning meters ar NOT set up for any injector size - that's done in the EEC. They are used as draw through MAFs - but can be used as blow through - but they peg sooner in that configuration. You DO need a chip to run an LMAF.