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ok the engine i got in my car is blown its a 1985 150hp 302. my dad wants me to rebuild that. it needs new bearings, crank ground,and bored. i can get a 1988 5.0 HO for 450 another 180 gives me a lifetime garentee on it. does anyone know anyway i can convence him that rebuilding my engine and putting it back in there is a stupid thing to do.
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Well, it will cost more to rebuild than to buy a running engine... Plus, the 85 302 has crappy heads and intake compared to the 87+ motors...

Of course, the 85 is carbed and the 88 your are looking at is fuel injected which would require you to get a fuel injection computer and wiring harness to use or switch over parts to carb it.

Take a look at my sig.. I might have something you would be interested in. Its a completely rebuilt carbed 5.0 with double the horsepower than your 85 currently has. Its worth checking up on.
poneypower89 said:
wonder if that would void the warranty he wants to pay extra to get?? :shrug:

Wouldn't think that it would void it. Carb or fuel injection are just a means to get the air/fuel into the the engine. Should have no bearing on warranty.