Electrical Little ecu wiring help, almost there!


Jul 4, 2020
Hi all, first time post and just wondering if I can get a little help with one wire, I have the wiring pin out but the wire colour on mine dosent seem to be on there. I got a 5.0 auto 1991 with cobra head/intake/70mm throttle/MAF as a non runner, wiring was a little over the place but I started it up today and cuts out not long after. If I keep the revs up to 2000rpm it does not cut out but won't idle by itself.
I am left with this one wire not plugged in so might be that, it's merged into the red/grey wire, can anyone help with where this goes please? I don't seen this colour on the pinout wiring it only mentions light blue. I have circled where it joins into red/grey wire and put a blue arrow to the wire that's not plugged in.

Thanks for any help!


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