lm1 with o/r xpipe too loud?

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i had that combo and it is too loud. the LM2's are almost too loud with an OR x pipe


Only difference is the LM2's have a nice tone to them....The LM1 paired with o/r mid = insanely loud noise. No tone to them at all.....

If you want an o/r mid pipe, I would suggest buying either the LM2 or the poweflo mufflers. Both are same size as the LM1 resonators and you can change them out with ease and wont have to buy the full catback.
i had lm1's on mine and when i got my o/r h pipe i was like hell no lol and put flomaster super 44s on it and now it sounds good again .... i loved the slp's before the h pipe but sounded horrible after
Your vids actually sound pretty good but I swear I've heard some on the streets that are just ear piercing and sound like crap, mostly LS1s and a few Terminators though.

Most of the time on the boards if you say LM1 you have a ton of bashers come in and really they have never heard it in person. Just another one of the 1000 myths on mustang boards.