LMPerformance Great Customer Service!!!!


New Member
Nov 3, 2005
I don't know how many of you guys have visited these guys or even placed an order with them but i ordered my SLP LoudmouthII from these guys and i had a serious problem with U.P.S. not delivering my stuff on time. I called up LMPerformance about this and they did not charge me for delivery. There was also a mix up with me recieving the wrong resonators. I called them and they sent me the right parts Next day free and paid to have the bad parts sent back. I talked to guy by the name of Leon. He's a great guy and he was the one who helped me with eveeerything!! Well for the past week Leon has been E-mailing me back and forth about LT headers and which ones would be best for me. He worked with me side by side so that i would order the parts that were right for me. Well when it was all said and done i ended up ordering a set of SLP longtubes and a catted Xpipe. Best thing about this system is if i want i can unblot the cats and bolt in straight pipes and BAM! i got an O/R x-pipe. it was a little bit more than what i would have liked to have spent. But in this Hobby i've learned that you have to go big or go home, AND I'LL BE DAMNED IF I'M GOIN HOME!! So yeah, check this place out when you get a chance.

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