Logistics of running 4 fog lights?

Hey guys, I've been using stangnet for a while and I had a question but couldn't find any post online about it so I decided to make an account.
I saw a really nice customer pic of a s197 running quad fog lights on American Muscle. I'd imagine this wouldn't be very difficult other than just maybe modifying the stock grille.
My question is does ANYONE have any ideas of what problems I might run into, or if theres a custom grille already out there.
Heres the car in reference. Thank you.


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If I had to guess that person probably cut out part of an Eleanor style grille and incorporated it into a stock grille.

I doubt there'd be any problems except figuring out the wiring. I'm not sure if that would all run off the stock wiring or not. These cars are weird about electrical stuff.


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Jan 25, 2020
I've been thinking about another set of fogs as well, but I am going to put them in the lower grill. Fog lights are supposed to be down low, while Driving lights are mounted up high. Also Fog lights are supposed to be amber, for better visibility in fog. While Driving lights are clear. I'm also eyeing the Eleanor style grill for up top. But I understand getting the stock grill out is a major PITA. So we'll see on that one.

Should I put another set on down low, they'll just be wired to a toggle switch. Don't want them coming on all the time.