Long time no post-Eleanor Update


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Apr 9, 2002
Western NY
*if someone's looking for the Shelby clone type Eleanore, you're not finding one here. We're building the original, a 73 (although admittedly, the REAL one was a 71 made to look like a 73).

Been soooo long! We finally got all the wild and crazy issues like the torque converter not fitting in the rear of the motor resolved-and last year, we DROVE her SEVERAL times!! Yay! The most we've driven her since we bought her in 02. Still rocking the rattle can paint job and the interior is a dash, two seats and seta belts. But she sounds wicked (love that 347). Had a few weird moments, like when some dirt got into the carb and she just sucked a tank of gas in about 20 miles. Nothing like running out of gas no where near a gas station! Luckily, a house nearby had not only a gas can, but one with clean gas!! All he wanted was us to refill it.

We searched Dunkirk, but we cannot find the (I'm going to totally mispell this) Kachusko club from the movie. We think it burnt down years ago. HOWEVER, we did make it to a special spot some will recognize from Gone II. The warehouse where the slicer was kept.

Here she is:


I wrote a long blog post about her story from the beginning here: Gear 4 Gearheads: Eleanor, our 1973 Mustang Mach 1

and put together a youtube vid/slideshow here, with plenty of pics from the beginning: YouTube - Eleanors Story

Still some salt on the road, but we've started her up, and man-o-man, that ALMOST makes up for all the trouble! Driving her is much better though, lol. I swear there were plenty of times I never thought we would EVER get to that point. Now I can't wait for some good rains to completely wash the roads.

Now, she's NO WHERE near concours. We can't even put the windows up right now, we've got some fit and finish to do, and we need someone to weld in the cage still. BUT, on a nice sunny day, we can take a drive! I do have to watch my feet though, those pans get HOT HOT HOT (just sheetmetal for now, not insulated or carpeted because we're waiting on the cage install).
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Thats awesome a real Eleanor! I would much rather have that than the 2nd gen Eleanor. I hope you don't smash it all up like the original. LOL....
It is-FINALLY! Man did it take long enough...and now she's squeeking! We think it's the bushing on the lower control arm. We put about 100 miles on her on Friday, no problem. Took her out to go to a cruise night, and squeek,squeek..ugh. On the upside, in looking in the fender well, we noticed that she lost a grommet-the rubber one that protected the brake line as it runs through the inner fender apron. Parked, will take care of both of those before we take her out again.