Long tubes with twisted wedge heads?


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May 29, 2001
Maricopa, AZ
So i was thinking of switching to long tubes in the near future but Ive noticed a lot say they work with stock, gt-40 or dart heads.... but a little further down the road I was thinking trickflow HCI... so will they bolt up to the twisted wedge heads or no? Wasnt sure if they werent listed due to the fact that theres so many head choices and they only listed a few... or if for some reason they werent compatible with the TW heads. Anyone have an answer?
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Awesome. The difference is like night and day. Thanks again.
BlueOvalStangGT - How was the install on the MAC LTs or did you not do it yourself? I have a lift and a ridiculous amount of tools at my disposal but Ive never done any header related work to any of my cars, save for removing the stock ones so that I could remove the heads.