Looking For Some advise/Opinons


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Jun 21, 2007
College Station,TX
I have an 01 Black GT that the paint is not doing so great,mainly the entire right side that was repainted from an accident.If I were to get it repainted by a reputable shop should I see long term durability with the new paint or is it something start failing after a couple years,the fresher paint on my car was done in may of 05 and its already chipping away.Trying to decide if I wanna repaint or just trade it off for another,currently looking at a couple Mach's and a GT.Just wanna get some advise from some that have had a repaint before.
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As long as the body work is done properly, a good quality paint job should get you 4-5 years. Don't skimp when it comes to supplies. The first time I had my old LX sprayed, I went with a “friend of a friend” who got the cheapest crap he could find and it showed. The finish was crappy and you couldn't walk within 5-feet of it without scratching or scuffing it. The second time I had it done, I pony'd up the bucks and went with some nice Sherwin Williams paint and Dupont Sentari's high end clear coat and you could practically bounce bullets off of it and it took nothing more than a periodic wash to maintain a nice shine. I probably only waxed it about 4-times throughout the remainder of the time I’d owned it. 4-years later, when I sold the car, it still had an immaculate finish, which probably still got me another $500-$1,000 out of the sale. :nice:

Be aware though....no matter what car you get, or how well you paint it. A black car is a BITCH to maintain, so keep that in mind.
Beleive me I know all about black.If I did get it painted they will use PPG paint/supplies.The shop seems to be getting a good rep,its not local its near Houston.If I do get it done it wouldnt be black,most likely silver.I already got a quote for the work,Im just not sure if I wanna get it done.I know that a factory finish can last a long time,but I dont wanna put out that kinda cash if its not gonna be long lasting...thats my main concern.When my car was hit they used PPG paint but its starting to chip any place that they had painted,thats what im worried about with a repaint.Im looking at about 3k for black but if I change the color its another $800,but thats because I wouldnt have the engine bay done,I mean its black now of which I dont think would look to bad if I left it that way...I dunno,having a hard time deciding.The 03 blue Mach im looking at is only 15k with 49k on the ticker,just waiting on the quote for trade on my car,waiting on the manager to give the final say and a 03 grey GT for 12k but they havnt looked at my car yet.

Also how much does anyone think that an accident on the title would hurt the trade value?I had previously said it was 9500 in damage but I looked back at my original estimate of which ended up being higher than the actual repairs,ended up being $6300.
This is the place:Mustang Performance Headquarters Inc.


They are in the process or have already moved to a bigger shop so the site is still under construction somewhat,but there was some pics of their work in the forums.I have talked to some people I know and they said the cars they have seen done looked good,but I yet to see them for myself.If I do get it done I will be researching whatever shop does it.If anyone else has a shop in mind Let me know im in College Station but would be willing to goto Houston area for the work.

This is what I was actually told by them:

To do an entire repaint of the black, taking care of any minor dents and scratches, you would be in the area of $2800-$3,000. If you would like to do a color change then there is an additional $800 charge.

We only use PPG materials so no worries there. The car would be completely sanded with 220 grit sand paper and then it gets put in primer then completely blocked by hand. From that point it is put in a sealer and then the base/clear. Wet sand and buffing is also included in the price.