lowering a 67 coupe

just bought a 67 coupe to have some fun with and want to lower front and rear more for looks than handling. Also want to be able to install some 16 or 17 inch wheels at some point. it looks like I will need to install a negative camber kit to install the larger wheels. If I do this, will I need to install the lowering coil springs? For the rear would you recommend lowering blocks or new lowering leaf springs for the extra money? thanks for any suggestions or guidance.
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First of all, teach yourself that there is no difference between "lowering the right way" and "lowering for handling." Lower the car the right way and you will improve looks and handling. Do the wrong way and you might improve looks, but will definitely wreck the handling.

2. There are no "camber kits" for these old Mustangs. The camber is adjusted with shims between the chassis and upper control arm and also by means of a Shelby drop. Search for it.

3. Lowering springs are the best way to lower the front. The Shelby drop will lower it also as well as improve camber response in the corners.

4. Use lowering leaf springs in the rear or you could end up with a wheel hop condition worse than stock.