mac cat-back install


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May 28, 2004
I just started installing my new mac flowpath cat-back on my 94 Cobra and i am running into some problems. It is just not lining up properly, it as if one of the flowtubes needs to be a little longer on one side to reach the muffler section connected to the hanger on the car. I would think it should just bolt up without any problems or other adjustments on the car. Anyone else have problems with the fitting of this exhuast? Any suggestions? I don't think it matters but the rest of my exhaust consists of BBK longtube headers with a matching BBK off-road H-pipe.
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i was reading some reviews on here and im not shure if it was the h or the x but a few other people had the same probluem as well.i think one was where they had a 3 inch gap between the pipes where they were too the reviews.not much help, but i know other people are having the probluem too
Yea i dont know whats up with my mac catback. I just installed mine a couple weeks ago and one side is a inch longer(sticks past bumper) and the other one is flush with it. Also, one is touching the bumper and one is perfect hight. (about an inch below the bumper. Go to a muffler shop they will fix everything for cheap. Thats what i need to do.
Seems to be the problem i am having, about a 3 inch gap on one side. I am really unhappy with the fit of this system. Guess ill just install it the best i can and have a muffler shop fix anything that needs fixing. Is it worth complaining to Mac about this?
I had good luck with my mac cat-back. It took a little bit of adjusting, but a lot of the rattles are gone, and the tips are lined up to my satisfaction. Only complaint is my xpipe hangs low, that needs some adjustment.
i've never had a problem with the mac stuff on my gt. my old lx had mac tails on it that were a pain to keep adjusted but i always attributed that to either the crappy bbk h-pipe that i put on or the bs weld job that some one did when they welded in the mufflers (had flowmaster 50's on it).