MAC exhaust users- fitment question quick+easy.


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Jan 31, 2002
Assonet, MA
Hey guys. I have the LX Flowpath catback that has tailpipes which bolt on behind the rear axle. I have a chance to score some 3.5" replacement tails for my system, which I want, but they are labeled as for 94-97 cars. They look like they're the same and will bolt right on in the pictures, but I don't know for sure if they'll fit my car. If anyone can help me out, that would be great.
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They should work......if not go to a shop and have the bolted flanges cut and welded or cut and matched to flanges that work. To each his own, but those are pretty big....even 3" are big. A full inch is alot when it comes to tailpipes. Some people think 3" is too much......but it is your car....all the best.
The flanges are the same, it's the angle of the pipe I am worried about, and the length. MAC is closed, so I can't get in touch with them. They list different part numbers though, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do.