Mach 1 and my GT raced at the track


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Jul 4, 2003
Tyler Texas
Yesterday i went to the track at Hallsville dragway in Hallsville texas. Anyway I got my best time yet with the mods in my signature. I ran a best time of 13.674 @ 101.71 mph. :D This is only my third time ever going to the track and running on stock tires. What led to my better times i think was, this time i removed the spare tire and jack and all that other crud in the trunk, I also removed the passenger seat. I think what helped most of all was that i removed the right headlight, man that factory airbox with silencer removed was really sucking!!! The conditions were mid to upper 50's temps with about 40% humidity. Anyways this white 03 Mach1 pulls up and the guy driving the car and i start talking and all he has done to his car so far was offroad mac hpipe, borla mufflers and K&N air filter. So we were talking and he tells me he drove over from Dallas to race his car for the first time, he was running on factory rubber just like me and went down to about 22psi on the rear tires. Anyway his first two runs were by himself his first time ever in the car was a 13.9, he just couldn't stop spinning then as he got the hang of it his times got lower and lower, by the way his car is a 5 speed. Away his times just started to fall, next we're running each other and every time he was running low 13's, like 13.2-13.1@ 107.18. Anyway i had enough of being beat so i let my car cool off while he kept getting better at hooking up, his best time of the day was a 12.9@107mph. Just to put rumors to rest these are some bad a$$ cars so don't believe the magazine hype, this guy's Mach 1 with just his few mods and more practice could get him probaly a 12.7 and with drag radials mabey a 12.5. :flag:
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I wouldn't feel bad if I was you. You are running some very good times with the number of mods you have done. I would love to own a Mach 1, but I think I want to get my 2V into the 12's NA first. Get yourself some 4.10's and drag radials, and I'd be willing to bet you'd be in the LOW 13's. Good luck! :nice:
DaNd4Speed said:
Nice Run!...especially for the Automatic. You still have plenty more mods to go that could put you in the low 13's too. DR's alone should do it. removed the LEFT headlight? :shrug:

Maybe "left" as viewed from the front...

I'd like to run a new Mach1 just to see how it would go. I dynod Saturday and got 271RWHP and 311RWTQ. That (with 15% drivetrain loss) equates to 318 crank hp and 365 tq. The only disadvantage would be my 3.27s to his 3.55s.

I think I could make a good run at least......

LOL and we wasted 6 pages of thread talk on another trying to get a couple of morons to believe they were fast. First time to the track and the guy runs a 12.9 with a near stock mach. His car obviously can pull a couple more tenths with some practice.

Yea those Mach 1's are fast. I saw one at the track with very little mods and it ran 13.1 @ 106.5mph. With a few mods, they're 12 second cars for sure. The funny thing was the Mach was faster than ALL the LS1's including the Vettes. The fastest LS1 ran 13.3 and the Vette did no better.