Expired Mach 460 Speakers And Amps

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Feb 24, 2014
I have all 4 5x7/6x8 speakers and all 4 tweeters from a 2003 Mustang with Mach 460 sound system. I have one of the adapters for the front speakers as the other one had to be cut off of my door. The rear speakers and tweeters are still in the speaker box so it's a direct drop in replacement or you could take the speakers out to replace the current ones. Had no problems with them, just took them all out to replace with 6.5 components and an aftermarket amp.

I have both amps but I can't distinguish which is which if there's even a difference so if anyone just wants one and can tell me how to differentiate the tweeter amp from woofer amp (if there's a difference) I can send the one you want/need.

Front speakers: $40/pair
Front tweeters: $30/pair
Rear Speakers and Tweeters in box: $90
Amps: $35/each

All prices are OBO without shipping. Shipping can be calculated upon request.

All speakers and amps were fully functional when removed.

contact via reply, pm, or email me at [email protected]

Location: Jasper, AL
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Not open for further replies.