Mach 460 stereo

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someone can correct me if i am wrong, but the 6 disk in-dash doesn't mean it is a Mach 460, the 6 disk come with the Mach 460 option and the Mach 1000 option. The only difference is that the Mach 460 is missing the 4-amp rack and the two 10 inch subs in the trunk.
Yes it did. One more stupid question... I just got this car a few weeks ago with the mach 460. I can't get it to go back and forth between the radio and the cd. I don't have any manual to check. To get the radio to work, you have to eject at least 1 cd. When you load a cd it goes right to playing that cd and you can't get back to am/fm. Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue with this stereo? I musta pushed that am/fm button 500 times, nothing. Thanks... Chuck
hmm... mine does the auto-losd and directly to the cd but when i hit the am/fm button it goes back to the radio...there may be a problem with the wiring in the unit but i am not for sure, 'd give a trust-worthy ford dealership a call for some answers