MAF location for turbo


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Oct 21, 2006
Holiday, FL
I bought this MAF and injectors on EBAY. I was told by the seller that he had it between the filter and turbo. Pro-Flow calibrated for 30lb injectors. Pic attached.
On some pics have seen it between the throttlebody and the turbo. It would be easier for me to do it this way if it is interchangeable.
I am ready to install the turbo as soon as I delete smog and EGR. Also, if I want to just get a smaller belt to delete the smog what belt length do I need. I have a 95 GT with factory pulleys.
Thanks for your help.
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assuming your doing a single you have to use it in front of the turbo, unless it is rated for blowthrough, then you can mount it after and use a vented to the atmosphere bov....i dont know how to tell if its a blowthrough, i had mine custom made by mass air systems
Green GT

Dude, I saw your mustang video on You Tube. I must have watched/listened to it 30 times. Imagining how it will be when I get it. I have all parts now and soon will do it. I am running a Super T-70 .70 & .70 single turbo.
Thanks Green GT. Badass Video also!
You know.. something to ask the tuner ( a real tuner, not some joke)

On all the systems I build I have been doing the 05+ MAF coupled with the Diablosport MAFIA, the 05+ MAF is MUCH more forgiving to bends, transition, before the meter, as aposed to previous MAF's.. This makes tuning much easier and makes drivability much better as well. I see the MAF flanges, and can source the MAF and MAFIA for you, if you find out that option will work on OBD1 cars. But for the OBD2 that is the way to go..

BTW, blow through is the only way to go on the MAF, if you want to do it right.
thanks for the complements.....i should really get a new video of front mount setup.

also, if your talking those super turbo's off ebay, i have heard that they are junk. people said that in a couple months the turbines are hitting the housing,,,,,,,figured i would warn ya. save up for a real master power man.

here is a pic of the one i used.....ite been workin great for about 2 years now

View attachment 406511

I figured it was not gonna last for long. I just want to get everything going and setup correctly first, then I will worry about getting a good turbo. I do know a guy that has the same turbo I bought. He has had it in an eclipse for over a year now with no problems. He may just be lucky though. YES, MAKE MORE VIDS!! PLEAZE!