Mag’s 86 Vert build thread

Hey all, name is Bill. New to the group but not Mustang world. Some of you may know me or my Vert from other forums. Same username on Corral and FourEyedPride. Bought my 1986 Gt Vert in 2010 from a good friend from 4iPride. Car was a roller. Took me little over a year to piece together a driveline and interior to get her back on the road. Since then she has been constantly evolving.
Currently she wears a Cervinis 3inch cowl hood, shaved the luggage rack off the deck lid, installed 95 front spindles and GT brakes, Ranger rear axles from Moser with Ranger 9 inch drum brakes, Tokiko struts and shocks , 8.8 with 4.11s, Astro built T5, Spec Stage 2 clutch , BBK firewall adjuster , quadrant and adjustable cable, SVE shifter base with custom Hurst stick and T Handle, .030 over 302 (306) with all forged internals, FMS iron heads with chevy valves 3 angle valve job and trick flow springs, ARP bolts and head studs, E303 cam, Holley Systemax intake ported, 70mm TBody and custom spacer, converted to mass air with 80mm PMAS MAF, 255 LPH pump, Kirban adjustable regulator, 42 lb hr injectors, Powerdyne blower with ASP 7 inch crank pulley for 8-9 psi, SVE radiator , Kenwood stereo , white face Autometer monster tach w shift light and pillar mounted boost gauge, AEM wide band in SVE console gauge cage with voltmeter, 17x8 Bullets with 235/45 up front and 17x9.5 with 275/40s in back. I am sure there is more I am forgetting.
I was using an A9S pcm with and Anderson PMS series 4 to tune it. Just sold that combo and ordered a Megasquirt Microsquirt from EFI Source in Boyertown Pa ( they are local to me) and getting ready to retune it using that and Tuner Studios.


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