Mag Catted X-Pipe & FRPP Springs: how to diag CEL with odo and how to reset CEL?


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Mar 22, 2008
Ok, for one, the FRPP springs are AWESOME and give a drop a little bit more than the Eibach Pro-Kit. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a suspension upgrade.

The Magnaflow X-Pipe sounds wonderful. Paired with my FRPP Stingers, I think it is the best sounding combo and there's no drone while driving on the highway. I did get a CEL--I heard that there's a way to check the code using your odometer--how do you do this? Also, I am interested in having the code reset--how do I reset? Will I be just pulling the negative terminal on the car's battery? Thanks! :D
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Tried pulling the negative terminal on the battery--and the CEL reset. AutoZone said it was "O2 Sensor Malfunction, Stuck LEAN" after my Hi-Flow Cats were installed, lol.

Guess it's time for a tune... :flag: