Main Bearing Cap Removal


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May 22, 2001
Palm Harbor, FL
Hello All - I have had successful day breaking down the 97 GT block for machining and rebuilding but I have come to a road block and need a little help. I have the pistons out and all the Main Bearing Cap screws removed (side and top, 4 per cap) however it seems the caps are "pressed" into the block and I am not sure how to pull them out. I have removed the front one as I could tap it sideways out the front and pull on it from there, however the middle ones can not be tapped sideways as the crank flanges block the cap from moving side to side. The only sensible way is up but there is nothing to grab and pull on. Any suggestions?
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Nevermind, I figured it out. For future people serching threads....

To remove the Main Bearing Caps & Crankshaft (crank) you need to remove the 4 main bolts (two vertical (bottom of engine) and two horizontal(sides of engine)) to each cap. After removing the bolt, use a alan wrench (hex key-larger size) and slide it into the side holes where you just removed the horizontal bolts. You will feel the hex key slide in and become snug. Losen the hex key and this will turn the tension screws (look like washers between the cap and the engine block). Hex screw both sides and then wiggle cap out.

Easy as pie!