make a piant decision for me.


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Oct 29, 2006
Jackson, MI
well i need paint theres no denying i want to know what direction i should head in..? ... its rio red and it has red interior so im limited on colors.

i love black mustangs and always wanted one and i think with the red interior it would look great...and black car smoked headlights and big chrome wheels just make me drool.

or should i just sand it all down and respray the same color?? rio red with big chrome wheels look good too though so im really confused..?

exterior apperance ...eventually will be smoked headlights and fogs
18" saleens chrome
cobra r hood
and maybe a cobra front bumper undecided though what do you guys think??
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I like the black idea if you can afford it and keep it clean. Then I think you can add some black stuff the interior to tie it all together. You know making the red on the interior accent color, 50% red & 50% black.
black with red interior is my favorite color combination, but don't forget black is hard to care for.. plus if you live where it is hot as hell like me, you have to deal with black turning the cabin into a frying pan

black, red, or white are all great colors on the sn95 imo :D
Remember, black is not only the most difficult "color" to keep clean but EVERY SINGLE PANEL must be absolutely straight. If not, it will look like a**. You can count on at least double the prep time in the body work for black. Also, you'll need to partially disassemble the car to get the door jambs, trunk opening/lid and engine compartment painted black or it will look like a**.

That said, I would vote for "Go black!"

A nice combination of black and red on the interior would really get looks, too. Go for it!!!!
yeah i planed on putting black carpet in it and down the road do black seats with the current pattern for the center of them....its every other strand is red then black so its a really mellow red on the seats...i love the red dash but want a black steering wheel should i get a black airbag too?? then the two outside registers i want to get black ...i think thats everything i can add...anything else would require the whole dash or the whole center council...i think it would look ugly if i put a black center council and had the red come down from the dash.

the prep is not a problem my uncle has been a profesional painter for like 30-35 years and said he would do my car for 700 bucks.:D and yes the jams will be painted i hate that when someone leave that stuff the original color.

im getting my 93 painted for free:p ...well kinda i already paid him and gave him a car so he said he would do that one for me.