manual transmission ticking noise?


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Apr 28, 2005
not really sure what is ticking. the noise is definitely coming from underneath the car (2000 GT). coincidently, i noticed the noise after we re-done some exhaust work. i got a pypes o/r x pipe and learned after it was installed, it was installed incorrectly. the drivers side manifold studs have to be taken out and replaced with different ones ( so says pypes ) to allow for a good seal. after taking out the exhaust and re installing it correctly, i noticed this. now, i know what your thinking - its obviously the exhaust. well, i thought so too but after having the car up on a lift with it running, we could not find any leaks. the noise is coming from underneath the car tho. it oddly sounds like its coming from the transmission (stock 5 speed). is this possible? if so, what is it that could be making noise? it does it in neutral and in gear also. my throwout bearing has also been chirping ever since i bought the car and im pretty sure its the original clutch, tob, etc. car shifts just fine, no grinds or problems. could the clutch be ticking?

also to ease my mind, if i was experiencing a spark plug that was trying to blow out wouldnt i hear it more so from the top of the motor rather than underneath?
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ticks with the car in neutral and the clutch not depressed

ticks with the car in neutral and the clutch IS depressed

ticks with the car in gear, easing out on the clutch.

doesnt seem to change with rpms

as for the chirping, that tends to go away when i rest my foot on the clutch. just enough to take the free play out. tick is still there tho.
hopefully you're right. if it was a spark plug, i would think the ticking would be more prominent under the hood rather than under the car

i dunno what it is. been told even the smallest exhaust leak can create a echo effect causing a ticking/clicking noise. :shrug: