March Ram Air & BBK

FastStang 2

New Member
Apr 13, 2006
Hey guys... I have plans to get a diffrent air induction kit for my 93 GT. I was wondering what would work better . March ram air or BBK fender well.:rolleyes: Right now i have(March ram air) should i stick with it or any suggestions.
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Nov 8, 2003
windsor, Canada
I would return to the stock box and a high flow filter....less debris and a VERY effective cold air system....neither of the mentioned products is a HP producer except perhaps the ram air system at 'higher' speeds where ram effect may actually take place. The stock box will feed any 302-306 N/A setup with plenty of air.
If you allready have the March kit, just disconnect the ram tube assy, and use the box and the conical air filter. You can make the filterbox opening a little bigger at the inner fender side. I used that for 3 years, and I tested it out at the strip/test and tune day, as well. Box and filter only, 12.83 sec. Ram assy added, 12.83/84 ! Just Me.