Market/Fair Price - 89 GT Hatch with Built Engine/Rear


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Jan 16, 2020
Hello all! :)

I'm trying to get a feel for fair price on an 89 GT Hatch. It's fairly built and in great condition.

No roll cage, suspension, or forced induction but..
  • 40 over 5.0
  • Forged pistons
  • X303 cam
  • Holley Systemax intake
  • Holley aluminum heads
  • Long tube headers
  • 5 speed
  • Ford Racing stage 3 clutch
  • Aluminum radiator
  • Full spool with Strange axles
  • 410 gear
  • Nitto drag radials
  • Cowl hood
  • Frame braces
Just looking to get an idea. I'm new to Mustangs (any gen).. the little I do know makes me think this spec sheet is everything but suspension, fuel system, and forced induction.

Thanks :)
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I would hover somewhere in the $3k range. It really comes down to finding the dude that wants a pseudo-drag car.
Yikes, so asking 5k sounds over the top. Seller says it runs high 11s and is setup for Procharger and Nitrous ready.

I'm actually looking to buy. Trying to get a feel for the market. Is there a better resource/market place than FB?

If I were to do those mods myself, it would cost 3k for a stock mustang in so-so condition, then about 3-4k in parts and then ~4k labor or my time if I did it myself. Easily 8k in mods.
The entire classifieds section, craigslist, NADA guide.
NADA guide won't help much since I'm more interested in modified, not stock. Modified has weird valuations. Some higher than stock, some lower than stock.. depending on the work.

I would love to find something with forced induction around 5k. Not sure if that's realistic though.
If it’s rust free. I’d say list it at 8-9k and let them talk you down. It’s not a 3k car and it’s not a 10k car.
Thanks man. I'm actually the buyer. I'm very interested in the listing, but I'm new to mustangs and engine builds/value retention. I'm not looking to rip the seller, but I don't want to get ripped myself ;).

Basically just looking for feedback - just as you left. Much appreciated. I'd be happy at 4.5k (might even be a steal at that point).
I LOVE the 89 mustangs; mine's an LX. For 6 thousand I'd pass on this car. For 3K it's worth it. I'm guessing lots of hard passes on it with a spool in the back but it's together and running with some nice parts; so I'd go 3K for it. Torque boxes are probably cheesed though.
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