Progress Thread Tannerc91gt’s Build(s) Thread

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Led to this:

led to this:

had the car scaled and aligned (3 times, long story itself) and finally what I thought was track shake down ready. Had it out one day to drive it around a bit and finally took my wife for a spin. We get a few miles from the house and the car is feeling slower and slower but I don’t feel a pull oddly enough. Get turned around and headed back towards the house and it becomes evident that one of my front calipers is starting to lock up and is applying a death grip to the rotor. I’m 1/4 mile from the house at this point and figure if the rotors already garage and I can avoid parking the car and trying to load it on the trailer in a dangerous spot, I’ll just limp it home. As we roll into our driveway, it locked completely and skidded like a motorcycle burnout.
I had to let it cool before it would even unlock enough to make the 100ft trip into the garage.

I really have no interest in race brakes so I upgraded to 13” cobra rotors and commenced rebuilding all the brake lines with NiCopp lines.
Through a series of giant leaks and unsealing flanges, the swap has been a pain. Combine that with some other family health issues, it has sat since last July.
The brakes aren’t a huge deal to finish, but i suspect there might be some transmission issues from having to push through a half ass line lock for as long as it did. So I either need to pull the trans apart or at the very least flush it and see if the fluid tells me anything.

not the update you’d expect after so long but like i said, at least I hadn’t sold it!
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