mass air conversion questions


Sportin' a turbo 5.0 in Canadistan
Jul 4, 2004
i have a 88 Gt and i wanna convert it to Mass Air, i have a couple questions. firtst, will any computer from 89-93 hook up to my wiring harness thats in there now? also i've been scaning ebay for computers and theres a A9L and A9P, whats the diference?, also what parts am i gonna need to do this, as far as i know i just need the computer, harness and sensor, is there anything else that i'm missing? if anyone could answer these questions that would really help me out.
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Save some cash up and buy the Ford racing conversion kit from Jegs or summit, yes 500 is alot of cash, but it REALLY is pug and installed in 1hour and looks factory. The result was one happy 88GT for me with the best idle and fuel ratio I have had since I started modding my car. Also with the kit you don't get screwed over by people on ebay or scrounging through scrap yards for parts. Nothing wrong with the used parts aproach but I like the look of New parts going in the engine bay cause I spend alot of time on my mill. Anyways just my .02 if you can find used parts for a good price and you want to go that way it will cost you less $ and work as well but with more involed in terms of install.
DMAN302's approach is THE best, but if you are budget limited, here's some help...

MASS air conversion instructions from FREE
A9L (5 Speed) computer from junkyard $100-$150
A9P (Auto or in a pinch, 5 Speed) computer from junkyard $100-$150
70MM MAF from 94-95 Mustang GT - $40-$70
MASS Air wiring harness kit $30-$85

The whole thing is probably less than $300 using junkyard parts.

A9L computers are 5 speed only
A9P computers are automatic , but will work with a 5 speed.
stock mass air meter and A9L computer from me-- $110, find yourself a harness for around $100 because I don't think I have any more and you're set for under $300 :)

btw like jrichker said, A9P/A9L works with 5 speed, and A9P works with autos. A3M are also mass air computers from 92 and may work as well.
Maybe but it will allow you more freedom to mod at will later on. Note though my MPG did go up 25miles per tank with the conversion done..I attribute this to better fuel curve down low..not running so fat in the lower rpm and maybe the consistant idle, also I was able to run higher timing, prior I was detonating at 14* and now I hold at 14* without any problems.
It's real easy to do as long as you take your time and splice all the right wires. Don't forget to get some of the EEC pin connectors that go into the computer harness. You'll need 3 of them. I forgot to get some and I had to drive to the junkyard halfway through the conversion. Btw, my mass air conversion costed me nothing. I got everything for free :D . It's good to know the right people :nice:
Use a 70MM MAF from 94-95 Mustang GT - $40-$70 and get some extra HP for about the same price. I am using one & it works fine.

Copied From bbunt302

Just for reference, here's a list of all the compatible years:

89 harness should work for 86-89 as long as you're using mass air.
90 harness will only work in a 90. (B/c of air bags and dual dash connectors)
91 through early 92 harnesses should be compatible (single dash connector, fuel pump relay under driver's seat)
Late 92 through 93 harnesses should be compatible (single dash connector, fuel pump relay under the hood)

Computers from 89-92 are all the same. Look for the A9L sticker on the back cover for a 5 speed that matches your requirements. Example: E9ZF 12A650 AA" with the A9L code.
i got every thing i nedded for 70 bucks... computer from 93 auto 70 bucks, stock meter free from friend, cut the connector to the MAF from the junk yard free :) ,EEC pins also free from junk yard :) . then just ran the wires... stilll gotta runthe secondary fuel pump and speed senors wires yet. but runs good